Sharepoint Designer 2010 – Another bug

New release of Sharepoint Designer is suitable only to open and edit Sharepoint 2010 site. You are not any more able to use it to edit standalone html pages and css styles. It was quite useful to open a page with some code coloring and intellisense. Not anymore… Furthermore, performance of new tool is outrageous.

Not to mention they didn’t get rid of features that only cause waste of time to figure out how to turn it off (Contributors mode), they added a restriction to edit masterpages, now you have to right click and “Edit in Advanced mode” in order to have full control in a document. Come on, it is not like anyone except Sharepoint developers going to even use it.

But it is getting late and I was just going to mention one bug I discovered another day.

Scenario: you want to edit a file named CQWP.ItemStyle.xsl (you named it this way in your VS project.


File is of course there, you are clicking it to open….

Reason of the error: File has ‘.’ in filename.

Remove dot. Name files without dots if you want to open and edit them in Sharepoint Designer.

This applies to only Sharepoint Designer 2010.

Why do you sometimes need to edit in bloody Sharepoint Designer:

· Deploying from visual studio takes too long when you fiddle with little changes.

· Editing in 14 hive file system does not take effect until app recycle (you end up with being slow developer again;-/). Note: some files edited in file system will be refreshed without app recycle (e.g. masterpages, page layouts). Files that require recycle are css, xslt.

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