My FAST search crawls forever and then it is stuck on Stopping if I try to stop

So all of the sudden your FAST Search behaves badly. Symptoms are:

  1. When user searches they get no results and error “The search request was unable to execute on FAST Search Server.
  2. You go to Search Service Content SSA and you see all content sources crawling for hundred hours – obviously not right so you try to stop it, it will stuck on stopping
  3. You go to FAST server and you run in Powershell nctrl status. SPrel is Dead while all other services are running
  4. You try restarting services with no luck

This post really helped me solving this issue as it was exackly same one:

When I run


I get confirmation of the problem:

FASTSearchCert expired as FAST was installed  a year ago. What a great way to celebrate SharePoint 1 Birthday!!! (my readers should already know when I am sarcastic)

I could liaase with IT guys to issue CA certificates (from Certificate Authority) or update expired self-signed certificate with one year expiration.

But I googled a bit more and found that you can actually change Powershell script that creates this certificate to make it longer lasting, say, 100 years :)

Description here:

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