HDR – Careless lack of tripod can dissapoint

I was recently testing PS 4 “Merge to HDR Pro”. I had some hand held exposures – 3 shots in a raw. Unfortunately I always feel that my body shakes a little after two shots taken, third one is always delayed one second, I think either by memory card speed, or it is how it is with EOS 450d.

My worries has been confirmed when looking at the outcome. But let’s start from beginning. To start working with HDR you need to open CS 4 and open File menu.




Select all exposures in JPG files (choosing RAW works as well, but all tutorials say – convert to JPG first, without any touch ups)



This is out of the box look of my merged photos. It looks washed out and pale. Now when the fun really begins, But this post will not give you any instructions on how to move sliders to achieve surreal but nice HDR effect (not overdone) that we all adore but we are afraid to admit it. I basically have no idea about it so far.

I thought I will sort this out, but if you look closer – you know that this is not going to work…

My tree has split personality!!!!

After using Remove ghosts – my tree becomes Apple tree!




So this is definitely not going to be one of those outstanding photos unless hours of work involvedĀ  which is not worth a hassle – photo is not that good anyway. Better idea is to carry Tripod.

2 Responses to “HDR – Careless lack of tripod can dissapoint”

  1. Chris

    Do you mean your body shaking or the camera body shaking :)

    Could it be wind as well, blowing the trees? If it is, bracketing will always be tricky – I saw a hdr tutorial, soooo complicated in photoshop, where the guy masked out the blur from people walking in the -1 & +1 exposure, but kept everything else. Too much trouble!

  2. horsik

    All shaking, body through body :) In this image case – using Aperture – editing curves and lighting shadows in one best exposure will bring better results.


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