Frosty morning in Goulburn

It was around 6:15 when the alarm went off and I struggled to take my hand out from under a duna to snooze it. All the shutters were closed so I could not see if sunrise was over yet . I had to get up. I knew that part of me will regret if I didn’t.

So I managed and I did not come back to bed. I put all clothes I had and I left for a walk. A long walk. I was not alone though. I had my hunter and my faithful dog, both contributing to my photo session results if I wanted or not :) Especially Ciapek wanted to be in every landscape photo.

Little stone cottage we stayed in, slept in a swag by the fireplace. From Goulburn 2011
Misty paddock, From Goulburn 2011
Fence to the sun, From Goulburn 20

Surveying the green

The conqueror of frost

Another day on a field

Don’t let these warm colors trick you, it was -3

Frozen dew

Very interesting landscape, a bit of everything over there, valleys , hills, rocks

Foggy and hazy in some spots

Ragged creeks

Something spotted. But actually no animal suffered that morning :)

I like geometric slopes

One day I will ruin my sensor, shooting towards the sun

Rough route on the way back

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