Filesize column changes in SharePoint 2010 – implications

There is problem with File Size column – webpart properties have to be adjusted to specify internal column name – due to 2 columns with ‘File Size’ display name
File Size 78a07ba4-bda8-4357-9e0f-580d64487583 FileSizeDisplay
File Size 8fca95c0-9b7d-456f-8dae-b41ee2728b85 File_x0020_Size
File Type 39360f11-34cf-4356-9945-25c44e68dade File_x0020_Type
File Type c53a03f3-f930-4ef2-b166-e0f2210c13c0 FileType
Keep in mind when you build content query webparts displaying file icon and file size.

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