Enabling permalinks on Apache server to use on WordPress

I am having a go with WordPress engine and customizing blog themes (thinking I am SharePoint guru god damn, I can do this silly stuff no worries!)  I was particularly interested with Portfolio Theme that allows you to display gallery-like style portfolio items. I ran into the issue that I want to describe here as I did not find any straightforward and quick answer on the web. I must admit at the very beginning that this is my first day playing with WAMP/Apache/Wordpress/php so everything is new and strange to me. Maybe I am not good at using google without keywording for SharePoint, maybe my problem was too dump for  finding quick answer, I don’t know… I am still puzzled that I did not find solution from first result returned from search.


I am following http://wptheming.com/2010/07/portfolio-theme/ video describing how to set theme up. One step there is to rewrite permalinks which means URLs will have nice form of: http://site/page-name and not http://site/?pageid=N. Ok, easy.

But when I completed this step, my pages were not accessible anymore with 404 error. Now, there is some info on this page:

404 Errors:

This theme uses custom post types. If you are getting a 404 error when you try and view the portfolio posts, reset your permalinks. You can do this by going to “Settings > Permalinks” and re-saving the permalink structure.

So I did it a few times, it did not help, I googled for solution, no luck but people were reporting this problem as well. Solutions involved some hard-coding php, in files that I even could not locate… I started getting flustrated, I decided to get back to basics, googling for enabling permalinks on Apache. This is how I figured out that my brand new Apache server have module installed but not enabled by default. So I found Apache config file called httpd.config and I noticed that this line is commented out.

LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so

I uncommented it and tested if my pages work. Nope. I found that you also need to change this line from:

AllowOverride None


AllowOverride All

I restarted Apache server (I googled how to do it as well, in my case I closed WAMP and reopened it, WAMP is just like a user-friendly interface to manage Apache, PHP and MySQL, where “user-friendly” should be definitely in “” :-))

After these steps, miracle, my WordPress pages work :)

From now on, I promise, I will not wing on SharePoint anymore…

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  1. Rachel H

    search results dont always come up with what your looking for Google, at times, separates what you type in as a phrase and not as “exact.” When i know what i’m specifically looking for i would type this for example: “technical staffing agency” if you are to use quotes than Google will return results with those exact words and in that exact order. Hope that helps your searching future!

  2. reduceri

    Permanenk link will increase loading time


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