Deployed list template is not visible on Add and App Page on Create


You packaged stp list template that you created using “Save as template” feature. Say, it is custom Task list, or Link list.

You added this STP file to your Visual Studio solution, all legit:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<Elements xmlns=””>
<Module Name=”ListTemplates” Path=”ListTemplates” Url=”_catalogs/lt”>
<File Path=”Mycustomtasks.stp” Url=”Mycustomtasks.stp” Type=”GhostableInLibrary” IgnoreIfAlreadyExists=”TRUE”>
<Property Name=”Title” Value=”Tools”></Property>
<Property Name=”Language” Value=”1033″></Property>

You deploy solution to a new site, it is very ofter Publishing Portal site. You see a new template on a list in List templates gallery. But this template is not visible when you try to create a list out of it.

OK, the main reason it is not working is because you don’t have Team Collaboration lists web feature activated on your site.

You activate the feature but list templates are still missing.

This is because of the fact that you acted in the wrong order. You should have Team Collaboration lists already activated at the time you activate your custom feature. If it is not a case, your list template will miss two important attributes – FeatureId and ProductVersion. This will cause this template to be broken so you can’t  use it.

To fix it:

  1. Activate Team Collaboration Lists web feature
  2. Delete your list template from your site
  3. Reactivate your custom feature

After that your list template your appear with all necessary attributes and will be available for list (OK, call it an APP, Microsoft, but it is still just skunky list!) creation

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  1. Manoranjan Mohapatra

    There is one more scenario I want to add in which the above approach will not work:
    1) Root Site collection(Lets say mainSite) is created using publishing site template, contains some custom lists deployed by feature
    2) Other site collections are created using custom site definitions(lets Say custSite).
    3) I have a need in which I have to include one of the custom lists(that is deployed via feature) from root site(publishing template) to other Site collection(Custom Site definition). In my case this has to be done manually.
    4) Team collaboration feature is enabled in custSite
    5) I created the list template of desired list in mainSite, downloaded and uploaded the same in custSite list template gallery.
    6) Still the uploaded list template not visible in add an app section.

    The cause is since the list template is created from a publishing template site and we are trying to deploy the same in ustom site definition site, both having different site template ID.

    more info on the cause / workaround can be found from following link:

    As a workaround In development environment, I deployed the particular list to a site collection created using custom site definition created the list template and uploaded the same in production environment site collection.
    now it is visible in Add an App section


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